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SFS News: Team Prometheus - Near Space Images and Videos

Posted by: Rob Goldsmith - Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:30 am
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SFS News: Team Prometheus - Near Space Images and Videos 
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Post SFS News: Team Prometheus - Near Space Images and Videos   Posted on: Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:30 am
N-Prize contenders Team Prometheus have joined the likes of JP Aerospace and Cambridge University Spaceflight by sending a balloon on a near space expedition.

The pressure sensor gave an altitude of 35,000ft before the sonde failed. Monroe also told the Space Fellowship that "The 600g balloon could lift about 5 lbs. Our payload weight was 250g+ parachute and reflector. so it climbed well!" Below is one of the many images bought back from the mission.


The Radiosonde and payload from the Near Space Expedition were not recovered immediately however it was later recovered by a farmer in Manor, Tx. Monroe informed the Space Fellowship of the launch on Wednesday May 20th. Monroe said:

"Great launch and great team work! We got the balloon launch off well. Special Thanks to Dave Hein for bringing a soldering iron to the launch site as well as his excellent input! I forgot the battery connector for the sonde at the house. Right off the sonde was having trouble acquiring satellites and we got no GPS data. The weather was near perfect the balloon went nearly straight up. We tracked it as far as we could with binocs. We decided to move farther down range. My receiver lost the signal on the way as well as Dave's. The sonde stopped transmitting. My guess is dead battery it died just about the same time my first battery did 20min. Dave's Beeline signal was in the mud but it was there. We got a signal about a mile radius that was weak. My guess is that we were right under it. About 2hr after launch we lost that signal. So we process what data we have and go for II Next Week. Hopefully the sonde will be found and returned. I’m wore out so that's it for now."

On Friday June 12th Monroe informed the Space Fellowship that the equipment had travelled around 14 miles from the launch site before being found. The team travelled and collected the equipment and images are now being uploaded, there is 1.45hrs of video and the balloon didn't embolise during the video.
Here are some of the images:




View more images and the full launch video at

The video is broken down into chapters, I have highlighted the times of these for anyone wanting to see specific chapters of the progress.


Site Setup -01:57

Beeline Transmitter - 03:32

Valsalis SGP92 Radiosonde (Thanks Tim) - 06:25

Filling the balloon - 07:39

Telemitry - 19:30

Launch - 22:10

The Chase - 27:11

Bad News the Sonde is not aquiring enough satellites "Warning" Ensure you have aquired satellites before you launch! 27:46

Real Bummer we lost the primary signal from the Sonde! (Probably battery) Dave swithes to Beeline Freq - 29:52

We lost the signal from the Beeline Transmitter 1hr 50min after launch - 32:50

Look our for more info at

Please feel free to discuss the launch with the team in the Official Team Prometheus Forum...

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