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Idea for new course for AA

Posted by: Dan Frederiksen - Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:58 am
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Idea for new course for AA 
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Post Idea for new course for AA   Posted on: Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:58 am
Many of you will know that I have advocated doing ultralight orbital insertions because suborbital is of course useless. And I was right.

But rather than now finally trying to do the right thing and build a good Isp lean rocket optimized for orbit, it occurred to me that AA could skip the launch vehicle part and instead buy transport aboard a commercial launcher for a tiny satellite.
I have advocated sending up an ultralight optical satellite, space telescope as well as other optical capabilities such as ultra sensitive night vision to watch traffic around earth since that is both commercially viable as well as able to disclose the UFO reality. A mirror telescope can be super light if done right so it's a nice confluence of cheap and potent.
But if the purpose is to get a small satellite up and AA is jaded about rocketry failures and endless cost, why not skip the rocketry part. Just buy passage for a small satellite.
Sure the budget would still be in the million dollar range but it would come with near certain mission success. No small improvement.

It could start with 3x cubesat size. 30x10cm rectangular primary mirror and unfolding parts for a ritchey-chretien telescope.
unfolding solar panels and radio and computer gear as well as magnetic attitude control. a few internet connected ground stations around the world and you really have something.
And if you are smart you include an ultra sensitive high exposure wide angle camera to look at black space near earth to look for luminous objects that move in a way they are not supposed to according to the official story.

That is assuming you are intelligent enough to remember that the premise of AA was to do better than pathetic Nasa has done.
It's worth realizing that you decided that you could do better with a budget of only a few million than Nasa does with a 20000 million dollar annual budget. Not that you even realized the implications of such distrust. It's time for some conscious understanding instead of childish aimlessness.

I assure you Nasa is a lie and always was. The spectacular stagnation of Nasa is not entirely accidental. When even US astronauts come forward to tell you ET ships are real and it is being covered up, it's time to start thinking.
And of course it is real.
Statistically speaking, several of the readers of this forum have seen the ships themselves. Some of you may even have been face to face with ETs. As bizarre as that sounds. Such is our pathetic reality. Mindless hamster in a cage, refusing to acknowledge our reality of being part of a vast and ancient sea of star systems.
If we can find thousands of planets and even detect life on them (oxygen spectral profile) then does it not follow trivially that cultures a billion years older than us would have known about us all along.

Why must your thoughts be so provincial.

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